Paint your Wall with Colors for all Vibes

Colours are powerful, it often the very first thing people notice while they walk through space and it's the most important building block of your home's personal style. While going through with a thick book of paint chips, most of us fascinate towards their favourite colours and play it safe with neutrals. Rather, consider the mood you'd like to inspire in each room.

Paint elicits feelings, jog your memories and function to as a form of self-expression”. As our surroundings are the best example of this theory – chilling by beachside soothes us whereas bright sunny day makes us cheerful. 

Inspired from such natural palettes, we can create an ambience which will not only make our homes lives but also boost up our mental health as well. So, there are some colour palettes you could pick for several rooms in your home to uniform the mood you want to create.

1. From some calm & quiet

Want to get rid out of work and daily life stress? You will feel to a calm ambience- one says that slow down, relax after reaching home. Colours like sky blue and a neutral with an undertone of grey or green give calming effects to bedrooms and yoga studios. These shades are the sign of serene, soothing, private-retreat vibe. To give a new touch to your room you can try a soft grey-blue with a hint of green, Light French grey, cool and classic grey. Furthermore, soft watery blues, green-greys (like soft mint), pale grey-blues are linked with healing and calming, frequently used by doctors in offices.

2. For a Cheer-Me-Up

Pops of bright colour, like- yellow, cobalt or coral can energize anyone else; they would work best suits at home office or other space you wish to feel focused in. So, if you’re a person of naturally full-of-life or the one who struggles to feel positive, I'm sure these colours will give you equal benefits in both situations. Since too much bright colours are quite intimidating and distracting, so try it out to on one accent wall. Moreover, using bright yellow ombre effect to add visual interest subtly helps visitors to move eyes around the room, keeping the client's mind active. You can also add accessorize the space with hints of red (drapes, vases and cushion covers) to give it a warmth look. Rustic, wooden furniture could have blended perfectly.



3. For a romantic vibe

Most of the people links red to love and romance, it is too connected to rage and hostility. It is a colour that is used for socializing, especially for Christmas; and I would like to recommend keeping this colour in rooms to spread love. If you're a newly married couple looking for renovating their space can go for a romantic colour palette. Decorate the room with right mood lighting (lamps in soft yellow glow) and soft printed linens and drapes to complement the colours. 

4. For an Inspiring Environment

Nothing can capture the sense of hope and growth like nature in full bloom. Green, as a colour, is also linked with hope and prosperity. It gives you a chance to capture all your personal aspirations and wishes by painting the room in bright olive shades or greens with tints of warm touches. This always reminds people that there is plenty of opportunities to go ahead and seize the day. All you need is to do, balance the colours with a neutral shaded carpet and drapes and décor them with geometric prints to add an edge in the interior.




5. For luxury and royal vibes

There's is a move towards rich, almost black paints in dining rooms, living rooms and TV rooms. Maybe you are thinking that these shades would make space seem smaller but they actually do the opposite. Light reflects off dark colours in order to create shadows and more dynamic colours help to make your space appear bigger than previously. In order to get such vibes, purples, deep reds, cobalt blues as they always have been associated with monarch. There is a different aura of dark colours unlike any other. Furniture and decor with brass or bronze details will elevate the royal aura.  

6. For a Zen Effect

An introvert will love this palette! Or perhaps, if you are thinking to create a beautiful meditative space. In another case, you can also mix white with pastels and taupe to paint a serene atmosphere. Painting your ceilings white or off white and gives the illusion that your room is bigger and the ceiling is higher. White implants the fear of dirt in even the messiest of people. Not necessarily energy nor peace, painting your walls with white gives a happy medium which leaves you feeling clean. We all have been seen that white rooms give an automatic room of purity and cleanliness. The colour itself stands for protection, goodness and innocence.


7. For a soft pinky touch

While a light blue-grey shade can be relaxing, but you can also consider a slightly warmer tone for your room. Go and pick a soft neutral with a barely-there purple or pink undertone. Pink is an emotional colour and connotes sensitivity and caring nature. Hence, it is ideal for bedrooms, as it gives a peaceful touch and makes it look lively. This soothing shade makes the space cherry all the daytime while giving a message of calm positivity as you ease into your nighttime routine.