Why should we grow vegetables at home on roof top ? 

1. Population is increasing and cultivation land is decreasing :-
As you know in 1951 we were 361,088,090 * i.e. around 36 crore (298,644,381 rural and 62,443,709 urban) . I have taken these data from the Government site   Census of India . Today we are more than 1,361,088,090 . It means about 100 crore people increased in number while, the agriculture land  is relatively reducing . As per the World bank data of 2018 Only 60% land is available for cultivation and agriculture purpose  Day by day the area of agriculture land is reducing while population is increasing.

2. Indiscriminate use of pesticides in vegetables by farmers :-
My dear friend you and me are living in the era of Economy (आर्थिक युग) . No body care about your health except yourself, if the money come in-between. As you know if farmer don't use pesticides etc. his vegetable production will come to the bottom. So, You just Give up hope that someone will feed you vegetables without pesticides. The only way is Just grow vegetables at home by yourself, may be on roof top, now or later.

Why grow vegetables in Water or without soil ? 

Hydroponic is also known as Soil less farming. there are two main reasons, we don't use soil in hydoponic technique.
1. Due to physical weight of Soil, Forbidden to use for gardening and growing vegetables on the terrace.
2.There is Lack of Water availability in urban area and also ground water is going down. Soil consumes more water due to evaporation and drainage while in hydroponic system water runs in closed pipes and is recycled. So, only evaporates through plant leaves and there is no drainage like wastage of water.

What are the benefits of HYDROPONIC Technique of growing Vegetables at home ?

The following are its major benefits :-

1. Less water required.

2. No soil means no weeds.

3. No soil means no Pathogens.

4. More crop in less area

5. Crop can be fortifiedwith required mineral.

6. No pesticide means better than Organic .

Explaination about the benefits of Hydroponic Technique :-

1. Less Water is required in hydroponic system : As we know the open farming on land is done by different irrigation techniques. in each and every techniqu we are unable to save the water which percolates side by side and also which goes downto earth through gravitational force. In this new concept of hydroponic technique the water fows in closed pipes so no any kind of water loss is there except the water which evaporates through plant leaves which is necessacity of the plant growth and development. So, inhydroponic technique we save 70% to 90% water, which is the need of future.

2. No Soil means No weeds : Weeds is a major problem in open land farming. This is the reason why farmer use weedicide in there farm. This weedicide is harmful for the human being but the soil is rich in seeds of these weeds and hencethe problem exists. In hydroponic, we don't use soil . Hence, the chance of weeds is zero or nil .




Writer :

Dr. Mukesh Swami

Writer is having certificate in Hydroponic Farmig and Successfully Growing Vegetables by Hydroponic technique.