If you are a Vegetarian than It’s good for you !  Vegetarians live longer than meat-eaters. Vegetarians are slimmer than meat-eaters. Vegetarians have a lower risk of getting heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. This all is because, Meat, cheese and eggs have the highest carbon footprint. Fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts have much lower carbon footprints. If you move towards a mainly vegetarian diet, you can have a large impact on your personal carbon footprint.

   The following table shows how many miles you need to drive to produce that many greenhouse gases. For example, you need to drive 63 miles to produce the same emissions as eating one kilogram of beef.

   Rank                   Food                    CO2 Kilos Equivalent  Car Miles Equivalent 
1 Lamb 39.2 91.0
2 Beef 27.0 63.0
3 Cheese 13.5 31.0
4 Chicken 06.9 16.0
5 Eggs 04.8 11.0
6 Potatoes 02.9 07.0
7 Rice .02.7 06.0
8 Vegetables 02.0 04.5
9 Milk 01.9 04.0
10 Fruit 01.1 02.5




















 **Figures from the Environmental Working Group’s Meat Eater’s, Guide and the EPA’s Guide to Passenger Vehicle Emissions.