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Nobody Should Die of Blood Loss

In India we need more than 12 million units of blood every year to save lives of our people. Out of which about 3/4th come off Blood Bank shelves through voluntarily donated blood. Almost 3 million units (i.e. 1 in every 4 persons looking for blood) turned down by the Blood banks.

Here the People concerned to SayExpert (Members of SayExpert Staff, Users and Service Providers) are engaged to spread the awareness about Blood donation, among the people in India through Mouth publicity and Social media. They contact the people who are interested in the noble cause of Blood donation and help them to register themselves on SayExpert Service Provider Mobile Application as a Voluntary Blood Donor. All such voluntary Blood Donors are tracked and contacted in their location by the Doctor or Patient or attendent when an emergency occurs.

Everyone should get the full benefit of their skills

In the present scienario, most of the people are working for others i.e. they are doing job and selling there tallent at very low price. They do so because they don't have any plateform for the exposure of their talent or skill. SayExpert provides a plateform to all such persons who want to earn more from their skill by providing Services from home or anywhere they live.

Fascilitate the people to quick and proper handling of Emergencies

"Sayexpert was founded on the belief that, by helping people improve their lives, they could make the world a better place."

So the SayExpert Service Providers are always ready to help People who contact or Make a call to them through SayExpert Mobile Application. Screening of the Service providers is done by users themselves by providing Feedback and Star rating to increase the efficacy of quality services by the providers.